CCTV Installation in Surrey

CCTV Installation in Surrey

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CCTV cameras are more important than ever due to the prevailing crimes such as burglary and theft. CCTV installation at one’s premises is arguably the most reliable solution to deter criminals and identify those who commit crimes.

Deter Crime and Monitor Activity with CCTV Installation

CCTV installation in Surrey is vital for several reasons:

  • It helps deter crime and vandalism by presenting a visual record of the events happening on your property.
  • It provides evidence if a crime does take place.
  • It helps monitor employee behaviour, ensuring adherence to company policies.
  • The CCTV footage can facilitate dispute resolution between customers or employees.
  • It can help investigate events that may occur on your premises.
  • CCTV systems provide remote access to your property, allowing you to monitor activity anywhere away from home. This element is beneficial for businesses operating from several locations or homeowners who frequently travel.
  • Installing CCTV systems in Surrey can provide increased security, peace of mind, and protection for your property and loved ones.

Types of CCTV Cameras: Which One Is Right for Your Property?

Various kinds of CCTV cameras are available, each with unique elements and benefits:

  1. Dome Cameras: These cameras are typically used indoors and feature a dome-shaped cover, making it difficult for people to tell which direction the camera is pointing. They can be fixed or have pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) capabilities.
  2. Bullet Cameras: Cylindrical and often used outdoors, they are typically weatherproof and feature a long, narrow lens that can capture images over a longer distance.
  3. PTZ Cameras: These cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing operators to track objects or people across a wide area and are often used in places like warehouses, shopping centres and parking lots.
  4. Covert Cameras: These are designed to stay hidden from view and can be hidden within everyday objects like clocks, smoke detectors, or light bulbs.
  5. Thermal Cameras: These cameras use heat signatures to detect people or objects in complete darkness or low light conditions.
  6. ANPR Cameras: These cameras are designed to read and capture license plate numbers for security or parking management purposes.
  7. 360-Degree Cameras: These cameras can capture a full 360-degree view of a space, allowing operators to monitor a large area with just one camera.

The type of camera chosen will depend on your needs and the circumstances in which you want to use it.

CCTVs Installations in Surrey
CCTV Installations in Surrey

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CCTVs Installation in Surrey

What to Consider During CCTV Camera System Installation?

Several factors should be considered while choosing a CCTV System in Surrey.

Purpose: Do you want to deter crime, monitor employee behaviour, or keep tabs on your property while you are away? Knowing your purpose will help you determine the type of system you need.

Location: Decide on the place you wish to install your system and consider the factors concerning whether it will be installed indoors or outdoors, if it will be exposed to bad weather, and if it will be in a high-traffic area.

Camera Resolution: The higher the camera’s resolution, the clearer the images it produces. Never forget to consider the camera’s resolution that will suit your needs.

Camera Type: There are different types of cameras to choose from. Consider which kind of camera is best for your needs.

Storage: Consider how much storage you require to store the footage captured by the CCTV system. You must also consider how long you need to keep the footage.

Remote Access: Consider if you need a system with remote access capabilities or just a normal one.

Budget: Finally, consider the amount you wish to spend on security camera installation in Surrey. CCTV systems can range from basic to advanced, and prices vary greatly. Determine how much you wish to spend and ensure you get the best system you can afford within your budget.

Cost of Security Camera Installation Service

The cost of CCTV system installation in Surrey varies depending on factors like the type and number of cameras, the complexity of the structure, and the company you are contacting for services.

A security system with four cameras can range from £500 to £1500. However, the cost can be higher for more advanced systems with additional features, such as remote monitoring and motion detection.

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