Biometric Door Access Control System

Biometric Door Access Control System Installation

Bennefits of product

Access control system installation is the most convenient and efficient way to secure your building, allowing you to control and manage access to your building.

Prestige Security provides a range of integrated access control systems, including biometric systems, key fobs, and keyless or facial recognition, which enables you to:

  • Monitor the site access and flow of staff in and out of your building.
  • Track staff’s time, productivity and attendance – if installed in the office.
  • Restrict and control access to your premises, preventing security issues.

Access Control Systems

Whether looking for an access system to provide a convenient entry, secure your building, or monitor the entry of people, supplies and visitors, Prestige Security offers comprehensive door access control system installation services to meet your demands.

You can use access control systems:

  • To guard and secure gates and barriers.
  • Control and monitor the main entrances.
  • Control internal doors in the building.

Types of Door Entry Systems

Door entry system installation has become a popular and ideal security method for commercial and domestic properties. There are many types of door entry systems that keep the building secure from intruders.

1.     Keypad Lock

One of the popular methods is a keypad lock, where simply a pin is required to access the building or a facility.

2.     Proximity Readers

You can provide a fob or card to your employees or authorised persons who need access to the building. This is one of the most easy-to-use and economical door card reader installation systems.

3.     Biometric Systems

At Prestige Security, we also provide biometric access control installation services for your facility or business. A biometric door access control system is expensive but extremely secure; it grants access to authorised persons via fingerprints, retinal scans, or face detection.

Biometric Door Access Control System Installations
Biometric Door Access Controls System Installations

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Biometric Door Access Controls Systems Installation

Advantages of Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide many benefits, which include the following:

Improved Security and Minimum Risk

A door access control system is the ideal and fastest way to increase and boost the security of your premises. If there is an attempt to hack your system or break into your premises, it helps you track down the individuals.

Keeps Track of all Activities

With a biometric access control system installation, it becomes highly convenient to keep track of the surrounding activities of visitors, guests, or employees. 

Adjust Access Times

You can set specific access times to allow employees and visitors to enter the premises. You can set the timings during work hours or for a specific day and time.

No Use of Traditional Keys

If you are tired of using and keeping track of keys, transitioning to an access control system is ideal. You can implement the system regardless of the property size and the number of employees. With access control, you won’t have to keep track of stolen or lost keys.

Quality Access Control System Installation

  • Prestige Security is an expert at installing access control systems.
  • Our team has worked closely with a wide range of clientele – commercial and residential – efficiently fulfilling their demands and preferences.
  • No matter the size of your property, our team will help install the best access control systems in the market.
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