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Burglar Alarms Installation uk

Bennefits of product

With better technology, security systems have significantly enhanced in today’s world, becoming more advanced, versatile, and user-friendly. These improvements have enabled us to safeguard our loved ones and monitor their safety, even when we are far away. With burglar alarm installation, we gain peace of mind and protection against criminal activity and mitigate the risks associated with potential fire and smoke hazards.

Given their numerous advantages and unwavering reliability, burglar alarms have gained immense popularity among the general public. This is completely true in light of the escalating rates of breaking and entering crimes, making them an indispensable component of security systems throughout the United Kingdom.

Prestige Security UK provides complete services from burglar alarm system installation to maintenance and repairs. All you have to do is to give us a call and state your requirements, and our team will reach your doorstep to resolve your security issues.

Reap Unmatchable Benefits of a Burglar Alarm

  • It provides an added layer of security, detects unauthorised entry, and alerts occupants, scaring off potential intruders.
  • It includes smoke and fire detectors that detect any signs of smoke or fire, alerting occupants and potentially saving lives.
  • It provides home and business owners peace of mind knowing their property is protected 24/7, even when they are away.
  • Insurance companies offer discounts to properties with installed burglar alarm systems, helping reduce insurance costs.
  • Burglar alarm systems offer remote monitoring through smartphone apps or other internet-connected devices, allowing property monitoring from anywhere, at any time.
  • An alarm system can deter intruders, making them rethink before attempting a break-in.
  • If a monitored alarm system is triggered, the monitoring station can quickly respond and notify the authorities, potentially reducing the time it takes to catch the intruder.
Burglar Alarm Installations service
Burglar Alarm Installations services

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Burglar Alarms

Components of a Burglar Alarm

Control Panel: Serving as a central unit and managing the whole alarm system, it receives sensor signals and triggers the alarm if it detects unauthorised activity.

Sensors: Sensors are devices that detect movement or changes in the environment, such as motion detectors, door and window contacts, vibration sensors and glass break detectors.

Siren or Alarm: The siren or alarm is the audible or visual signal activated when the system detects an intruder or a breach in the security perimeter.

Keypad: This device is used to arm or disarm the system. It also allows users to input codes or commands to control the system.

Backup Power Supply: The backup power supply ensures that the alarm system remains operational in case of a power outage.

Monitoring Station: Some alarm systems are connected to a monitoring station, which receives alerts and notifies the authorities or designated individuals in case of an emergency.

CCTV Cameras: Our alarm systems can also be integrated with CCTV cameras to provide visual property surveillance.

Our Complete Hardware Range

At Prestige Security UK, our burglar alarm services offer all types of alarm systems custom designed according to each customer’s requirements.

Wired Systems: These systems are hardwired and connected to the building’s electrical circuit. They usually require professional installation and can be difficult to expand or modify.

Wireless Systems: These systems communicate between the central control panel and other components using radio waves. They are easy to install and customise according to the requirements.

Hybrid Systems: As the name tells us, hybrid systems are a combination of wired and wireless components. They offer the flexibility of wireless systems and the stability of wired systems.

Audible Systems: These systems are designed to produce a loud alarm when triggered. They are effective in alerting the occupants of the building and scaring off intruders.

Monitored Systems: These alarm systems are connected to a monitoring centre that responds to alarm triggers. They can notify emergency services or designated individuals if an alarm is triggered.

Smart Systems: These systems can be monitored and controlled using smartphones or other internet-connected devices. They offer convenience and flexibility, allowing homeowners to monitor their property remotely.

Get 24-Hour Burglar Alarm Services

Prestige Security UK only uses top-of-the-line hardware to ensure 24/7 security without interruption. We understand the significance of a burglar alarm system, so we provide 24-hour burglar alarm repairs to all our customers.

Contact our experts today to protect your property and loved ones with a burglar alarm installation.

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