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Door Access Control in Surrey

Understanding Access Control System

An access control system, also known as an electronic security system, lets you control who enters and leaves your premises and may involve a key fob or card.

Keys can be easily duplicated and lost, leaving your business or home vulnerable. Also, you do not get to keep a log of all those entering or exiting your premises and would even want a security officer to verify the identity of the individuals arriving and leaving.

Such scenarios wouldn’t take place with an access control system. Enhancing security significantly, they mitigate any risk associated with stolen or lost keys or proximity cards.

We can install the following:

  • PC-based access control
  • Keypad or PIN controlled system
  • Biometric access control – fingerprint and face recognition
  • Audio Visual access control

Make Your Premises Safe and Secure

An access control system lets you easily control and monitor who enters and leaves your premises. At Prestige Security, we meet the highest technical standards of access control in Surrey.

Our services for the access control system in Surrey range from simple door entry systems requiring tags to advanced systems such as biometric access control in Surrey including facial recognition and fingerprint.

Specialised Access Control System Installation

  • Our access control installation in Surrey commences with a site survey by one of our skilled engineers.
  • The site survey will be held to understand your requirements and needs.
  • Our team will consider numerous factors, such as location, level of security and the times of access required.
  • During the site survey, we explain the system thoroughly and clearly while answering all your queries.
  • After that, our team at Prestige Security will design a security solution while working closely with you and keeping your recommendations in mind.
  • Once the design is approved, our team will install the access control security in Surrey, ensuring it works perfectly and effectively.
  • For the installation, Prestige Security only hires accredited and trained engineers.
Door Access Control Crawley

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What Can You Get from Investing in Access Control System?

Besides security and convenience, an access control system has numerous rewarding benefits.

Here is how investing in access control Surrey can benefit you:

No Hassle with Traditional Keys

Traditional keys do not only need extra effort, but they also pose security threats. If they get stolen, or the keyholder loses the keys, your business and assets will be vulnerable. On top of that, you will have to change all the locks and keys, which will be expensive.

On the contrary, if the key card or fob is stolen or lost, you can deactivate it and issue a new one without a hitch.

No Unwelcomed Guests or Visitors

With a door access control system in Surrey, no unwelcome visitors or guests can enter the facility because every pass requires credentials before allowing access. This means only authorised people will enter the building.

Keeping Track 24/7

Another great benefit of installing an access control Surrey system is that you can track all the employees, guests and visitors coming in and out of the facility. 

Enhanced Security for Sensitive Areas

With an access control system, you can protect sensitive areas such as record rooms and data centres, guaranteeing your business security and safety.

Comprehensive Access Control

  • Prestige Security is a reputable and trustworthy access control company in Surrey that will provide peace of mind.
  • It is an excellent solution to keep an eye on the movement of the people.
  • No matter the organisation, we can help you with any type of access control installation.
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