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Ensure Safety with Burglar Alarm Installation

In today’s world, with technological advancements, security systems have become more sophisticated, versatile and user-friendly. They have allowed us to monitor and ensure our family’s safety, even from a distant place. Installing a burglar alarm not only provides a sense of security and protection against any criminal activity but also against any potential smoke and fire hazard.

They have become a highly popular choice among the public due to their uncompromising security and benefits. Especially with the increasing rate of breaking and entering crimes, it has become an essential component of the security systems all over the UK.

There are several types of burglar alarm systems that you can choose from:

  • Electric current alarm system
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Monitored and unmonitored alarm system
  • Wired alarm system

If you have come searching for burglar alarm services in Brighton, go no further. We are providing exactly what you need. You can contact us to discuss the details of your requirements, and we will tailor a perfect design for a burglar alarm system for your house or office.

Prestige Security UK for a Perfect Alarm Systems

Prestige Security UK is a highly experienced and recognised firm providing high-quality burglar alarm system installation in Brighton. Our staff follows a well-designed procedure from start to finish to ensure that our system serves its purpose efficiently. It includes:

  • A site survey to assess the requirements of the property.
  • An assessment of the crime rate in your area.
  • Marking the points for the installation of components.
  • Designing an alarm system specifically for your property.
  • Installation of the system.
  • Guiding the user on how to operate and control the system.

Understand Your Burglar Alarm System

A burglar system typically consists of several components working together to detect and deter intruders. The components may vary depending on the system requirements and hardware manufacturer, but some of the common components are:

  • Control Panel: It receives signals from different sensors and triggers an alarm when necessary.
  • Door and Window Sensors: They will detect if a door or window is opened or closed.
  • Motion Sensors: They detect movements in the specific area.
  • Glass Break Sensors: They detect the sound of breaking window glass to trigger the alarm.
  • Smoke Detectors: They detect smoke and can alert both the homeowner and the authorities.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: They detect odourless and colourless carbon monoxide.
  • The Siren: It emits a loud noise to alert the occupants.
  • Keypad: It is used to customise system settings or arm and disarm the system.
  • CCTV Cameras: It can be installed to record footage of any suspicious activity.

Don't wait until it's too late - contact us today to learn more about our camera security systems and how we can help you feel safe and secure.


Customisations for a Burglar Alarm Installation

Zone Configuration: Users can set up different zones within their property and customise the sensitivity of the sensors in each zone. This provides much better control over the system and reduces false alarms as well.

Remote Access: Some burglar alarm systems offer remote access through a smartphone app or web portal. This allows users to arm and disarm the system, receive alerts, and view security camera footage from anywhere.

User Codes: Burglar alarm systems often allow for multiple user codes so different individuals can access the system. Users can customise the access levels for each code, determining which users can arm and disarm the system or access certain features.

Notifications: You can customise the types of notifications for your burglar alarm system. For example, you may choose to receive a text message or an email when the system is armed or disarmed.

Backup Power: You can equip your burglar alarm with a backup power supply, such as a battery or generator, to keep it functioning during a power outage.

Integration with Other Systems: Burglar alarm systems can be integrated with other systems in the home or business, such as fire alarms, smart home devices, and security cameras.

Voice Prompts: You can activate voice prompts, providing audible feedback when the system is armed, disarmed, or when certain events occur.

Ensure 24-Hour Protection with Us

A security system requires regular maintenance and immediate eradication of any faults to provide consistent protection. This is why any problems with a security system must be eliminated without any delay.

We at Prestige Security UK provide regular maintenance and 24-hour burglar alarm repairs in Brighton. No matter what time it is, you can give us a call if you need professional help to repair any problem in your security system. Our engineers and technicians will reach your doorstep and perform maintenance and repair services for burglar alarm systems.

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