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Burglar Alarm Services

United Kingdom’s statistics on burglary in 2002 show the reporting of over 192,000 burglaries. That’s more than 500 burglaries per day. Statistics also show that the regions with the lowest rates have mainly properties secured by surveillance and alarm systems.

At Prestige Security UK, we provide and install high-efficiency burglar alarm systems to protect your properties and enable you to enjoy a peaceful life. Our burglar alarm system installation in Surrey can help you protect your business and home through non-stop surveillance and security. Our security experts can survey your home or office to provide you with effective consultation and installation of customised alarm systems keyed to your needs and specifications.

Why Use an Alarm System?

Burglar alarm systems are designed to detect and alert homeowners or authorities of unauthorised entry into a building or property. At Prestige Security UK, we offer comprehensive services for burglar alarm installation in Surrey along with the installation of all the necessary components. These systems are typically composed of sensors, alarms, and communication devices that work together to monitor suspicious activity and alert those in charge of security in case of a breach.

Wired and Wireless System

Several types of burglar alarm systems are available on the market, including wired and wireless systems. Wired systems are hardwired to the property’s electrical system. They are often more reliable than wireless systems, which rely on radio frequency signals to communicate between sensors and the control panel.

Using the Right System

When choosing a burglar alarm system, it’s essential to consider factors like the size of the property, the level of security needed, and the budget available. We will help you identify the best burglar alarm installation in Surrey for your property type and size.

Sensors are an essential component of burglar alarm systems, including door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors. Door and window sensors detect the opening of the door or window. In contrast, motion detectors detect movement within a specified area. Glass break detectors are designed to detect the sound of breaking glass, and smoke detectors detect the presence of smoke or fire.

When a sensor is triggered, the alarm system will send a signal to a monitoring centre or local authorities. Some systems also include video surveillance, remote access, and home automation capabilities, allowing homeowners to monitor their property from their smartphone or computer.


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Prevention is Always Better

Troublemakers, thieves, burglars, and thrill seekers will hardly target a property with some security. A security dog or a uniformed guard, a CCTV system and alarms, and physical barriers, all serve as effective deterrents. Crime research proves that burglars will always prefer an easy way out without alerting people, and this is why criminals are averse to security systems such as burglar alarms.

These alarms are loud, and you can hear them from miles. They are supported by various sensors installed at sensitive locations and potential break-in points in your property. With our burglar alarms in place, you can feel assured that the chances of any adventure are next to zero.

Repairs and Emergency Services

We understand that one of the purposes of a burglar alarm system is to provide around-the-clock security, for which we provide 24-hour burglar alarm repairs in Surrey to protect your properties 24/7. Our technicians can quickly deliver the necessary repairs or replacements, so your systems are up and running. Whether you have a restaurant, storage unit, or a house that needs emergency services, you can count on us seven days a week.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality, high-performance burglar alarm systems with the most essential security components, such as sensors and alarms.
  • Vast choice of CCTV cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and other components.
  • Two-year guarantee for burglar alarm systems and components.
  • 24-hour emergency burglar alarm services in Surrey.
  • Remote access, backup and storage options for footage and images.
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